Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Exton, Uwchlan, Marsh Creek

Sunny and 75-80°F. Started geocaching in West Chester and Exton and decided to go a bit north to see what else there was. The Uwchlan and Struble Trails are flat and easy paved bike paths. Although there was quite a bit of walking, I did pick up 5 geocaches. ("Uwchlan Trail" thru "Mickey's Perilous Perch")

The last 3 geocaches of the day were in Marsh Creek State Park. I did a lot of walking in fields with knee-high grass. I take it they don't cut the grass very often, although I did see and speak to someone who was working one of the fields with a tractor-mower. "Get The Point?" was the hardest cache of the day in terms of terrain. It's supposedly easier by boat but I took the land route and bushwhacked through thick brush. However, once I got to the old growth part of the woods where the brush was thinner, it wasn't so bad. I noticed that there is a yellow-blazed trail in the woods but this trail is apparently used so infrequently that plants have grown over it.

Dinner was at Ruby Tuesday in Exton since I had a $4-off coupon from taking the customer survey after a visit to Ruby Tuesday earlier this month. I had buffalo chicken minis with salad bar, of course.

Tags: chester county, geocaching, pennsylvania
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