Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

CFF Great Strides - Point Pleasant Beach

Did a mascot gig for CFF Great Strides in Point Pleasant Beach today. I started from home a little early so I had time for one geocache near the bridge entering Point Pleasant Beach. Then I got to the event site early enough to snag a good parking space and start setting up in the bandshell, which is our usual changing area for this event. Also in attendance for this gig were rudofennec, jbadger, jdpuppy, jimwolf24, Damian K., rapidtrabbit, and mejeep.

It was a short gig. We started after 11am and were more or less done at around 2pm. It was a lot of fun though and there was a good crowd. After the gig, we had pizza delivered to the park. Then jbadger and I did a few geocaches in the area before we went our separate ways. I continued geocaching until night (Actually did "Geo Hotel" after dark but it was quick) and then went home.

Tags: geocaching, mascot gig, point pleasant beach
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