Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

DE Furbowl 16

I received two more Columbia Fair Fund settlement checks in the mail. Now see, this is why I don't think mutual funds are the bee's knees. Although you receive reports now and then, there is no disclosure of day-to-day trading or whatever side deals they have with brokerages. (Think about who benefits from excessive trading.) They do things that undermine your investment value and you won't even know about it until years later if it even comes to light. Those weren't big checks but I deposited them today and they are enough to pay for this evening, which is...

... Delaware Furbowl 16. Just like the previous month, it's a dinner at East King Buffet in Wilmington followed by bowling at AMF Price Lanes. Had a good time talking to vidantiger, shy_matsi, tjcoyote, and chiono_kun at the buffet. This time, I started with a Pile of Sushi. I wanted to see how much sushi I can heap on a plate. It still wasn't enough for the whole meal, although I admit I was more than halfway full by the time I finished that! Oh, this (photo by TJCoyote) is what the sushi table looked like after I was done. Well okay, it's not all my doing as I was merely the last one in a long line of sushi pickers. Then I tried the Mongolian BBQ, which I'd been ignoring all those trips to East King Buffet. It's not bad, although not terribly special either. The novelty is you get to pick the ingredients and sauces and watch them cook. And finally, I had dessert. Can't leave without a healthy dose of cake, ice cream, and peanuts. :)

Then the whole group went to AMF Price Lanes just up the road. I wore the raccoon fursuit again for fursuit bowling. This time, the bumpers were up on my bowling lane so I didn't get any gutter balls. It's also an opportunity to try some trick shots, like picking up spares by bouncing the bowling ball off the bumpers to get a better angle. As always, we stopped in the middle of the game for a group photo. My bowling lane was fast though. We were almost done with the second game when they called everyone over for the photoshoot. One nice thing is we're now getting a discount at the bowling alley because of the size of the group. (more than 50 bowlers usually) Too bad we can't get a discount at the buffet too, although I guess I should be glad they're not charging more for wiping out the sushi table. :)
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