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Broad Dyke Canal I finally received the refund check from canceling the GEICO/Liberty Mutual homeowner's insurance. Of the 3 refund checks, this took the longest because when I made the initial call, the GEICO representative failed to tell me that I had to cancel in writing. I only found out a month later when I noticed that the policy was still active on their website and called them to ask about it. It looks like they did backdate the refund so that mistake didn't cost me an extra month of insurance. In any case, that concludes the process of switching insurance companies.

After depositing the check at the bank, I went to Battery Park for " Y " Here, a new geocache. It's not that difficult a geocache. The trouble is there's more than one "Y" in the area and I checked the wrong "Y" first.

Then I went for Broad Dyke Canal, a bit up the river. I hadn't done this cache before because it is accessible only during low tide and somehow, I was only in the area at high tide. This time, I was there 2.5 hours before low tide. I wondered if I was too early but fortunately, the water had already receded far enough to allow access to the cache site. There was only a mud patch between the embankment and the cache site.
Tags: battery park, geico, geocaching, insurance, new castle
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