Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Makeshift Fences Make Good Neighbors II

Very hot day. 93°F. I was doing some work at home to stay out of the sun when I overheard my neighbor yelling at a kid. Remember the makeshift fence I put up back in mid-March? Well, it helped a bit. Kids stopped taking shortcuts through my land. Until today, that is. This one kid went up my neighbor's driveway to climb over his fence and then my fence. My neighbor outside was doing some gardening at the time and so the yelling started.

Well, heat or no heat, I went out to Lowe's to get some supplies to add another section of fence. Concrete was on special this week. Brought the stuff home then I went around the back and started digging a post hole. I haven't really talked to these neighbors (husband and wife) before but this afternoon, I did. Common problems tend to bring people together. They explained that those kids don't get bussed because they live less than a mile from school. They're not from the next road or the road after that but another subdivision. So the kids walk home from school every day and take shortcuts because they don't want to go around the block. (although climbing over fences is serious disrespect for property)

So I had a conversation with my neighbors about this problem and also about gardening in general. They're avid gardeners. We talked about weeds (since there's been a lot of plant growth this Spring) and I helped them with the bindweed on the fence. Then they helped me with the post hole. Finally, I finished setting up this new section of fence. Hope this works. If anything, we just raised the stakes for shortcut-taking kids from climbing 2 fences and getting yelled at to climbing 4 fences and getting yelled at. (and possibly landing in the poison ivy next to one of the fences :) )
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