Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FA United 3 Day 1

Tried to wake up a bit earlier today so I could get a geocache on the way to the hotel but it ended up being not that early. Still did find Knight Rider in Paulsboro on the way to the Marriott in Mount Laurel. Good thing FA United is only about 40 minutes from home! I was surprised the hotel let me check in before noon. Got room 714 and started moving my luggage and fursuit tubs up to the room. Chatted with balloonpup while doing so. Didn't actually see very many people around yet. I guess most of the con attendees didn't get here on Thursday. Also picked up my badge and program in the registration room. Yes, they did have bacon! That's amazing.

Then I put on the raccoon fursuit. Took a walk around the con space (doing photos and hugs) and went back up to the room again because I got a message about the charity raffle. Brought the two plush toys I wanted to donate down to the reg room. Then I went back to the room and put on the husky fursuit for the fursuit games. I figure this fursuit has been battle-tested. The games were as follows: popping balloons, limbo, musical chairs, and sweeping up ping-pong balls. After that last game, they let us all keep the little brush and dustpan set. Well, hey, I can use it at home. :)

After that, I had enough of fursuiting so I decided to go get a late lunch. Of course, in the process of looking for food, I visited 3 geocaches: Bowling Memories - Laurel, I Saw The Sign, and The Baron's Cache.

Went back to the hotel after that and hung around for the opening ceremony. After that, I met up with roommates jbadger and falconeio. Went out for dinner with jbadger and revisited 2 of the 3 geocaches so he could log those. Visited the Con Suite later in the evening and stayed there until it closed at midnight, and that's pretty much it for Day 1.
Tags: convention, fa united, fau3, fursuiting, geocaching

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