Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FA United 3 Day 2

Today started out pretty low-key. Had breakfast at a diner in Cherry Hill. Returned to the hotel and hung out a bit in con space. Then changed into the raccoon fursuit and wandered around the hotel for a while before the fursuit parade. Got some interesting reactions from hotel guests who were there for the water park. Probably the funniest one was where the kid wanted a photo of the raccoon but the father was a bit creeped out by all the fursuits in the lobby. Finally, it was time for the parade. This was a very short parade on the ballroom level, followed by a photoshoot in the parking lot.

Took a rest in the con suite after that. For dinner, jbadger, tjcoyote, freakylynx, and I went to Bertucci's, which is less than a mile away as the crow flies but significantly longer by road. I had a Quattro Stagioni, which is like 4 pizza selections in one. Each quarter has a different topping.

Hung out in the con suite after that to talk to a few Twitter friends before deciding to do more fursuiting. This time I wore the husky fursuit. Went down to the dance at the ballroom level. Also visited one of the room parties at random. It looked like a fetish party. The host was in a straitjacket and tied to a stripper pole, but aside from that, it was fairly innocuous. Of course, the way he was, he couldn't object to fursuit hugs. :) Finally called it a night when they closed the headless lounge. (green room for fursuiters)
Tags: bertucci's, fa united, fau, fau3, fursuit parade, fursuiting
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