Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FA United 3 Day 3

Started the day with breakfast in the con suite. Then I returned to the registration room to pick up the charity raffle items I donated that weren't used because they didn't hold a charity raffle after all. I'll re-donate those to Anthrocon's charity raffle next month. It looked like a day with nothing on interest in the programming schedule but there was a last-minute addition of a second round of fursuit games. So I put on the raccoon fursuit and went down to the games. It was the same games as the first fursuit games but with more participants. After that, I stayed on for Dancing 101. Always fun to learn a few dance steps that I'll never use. :)

After that I went geocaching with jbadger. We did Izzy Working?, Dizz-Knee Challenge: Cachee Poppins PXII, and Lone Tree. Picked up Chinese takeout on the way back.

Waited for the Dead Dog Party after that but it never really got started and the DJ left early. Got into fursuit (husky) anyway and went party-hopping. Checked out that fetish party again but left because it looked like they were going to have sex and I figured that the hotel would have an issue with the stripper pole. (It leaves marks on the ceiling.) Just hung out in the con suite the rest of the night.
Tags: fa united, fau, fau3, fursuit games, fursuiting, geocaching
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