Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Chicken To Ride

So yesterday, I came home to a bunch of forms and stuff to take care of and a pile of laundry. This morning, I skipped breakfast, did as much work as I could and then headed out to Hibachi Sushi & Supreme Buffet in Wilmington for lunch since I had one more coupon. Got a hibachi plate with 2 eggs this time because I felt like it. I was actually wondering if the Hibachi chef would make me a plain fried egg but I got the peppers and meat to make it a proper dish.

Then I visited the Ticket2Ride geocache at the Wilmington riverfront. This cache is on a rusty old train engine. There was nothing stopping anyone from climbing aboard the train (and the cache was indeed up in the cabin) so that's what I did and I took pictures of the interior and the engine.
Tags: geocaching, hibachi sushi, wilmington riverfront
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