Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Riverfront Rat

Cloudy/hazy and 90°F. It was yet another day when there was a chance of rain but it didn't happen the whole day. I had a lot to do this morning so I only left home in the late afternoon to get some milk. I decided I had maybe two hours for geocaching so nearby Wilmington Riverfront was the place.

First 3 geocaches were at the DuPont Environmental Education Center. It's a strange place down a long driveway past the riverfront stores and stadium. From the parking area, I took a walk on a very high pedestrian bridge over railway tracks to the 3rd floor of nature center building, which overlooks the marsh and circular boardwalk. Took the stairs down 2 floors to the boardwalk to the cache site. I actually did "On the way in" on the way out because I apparently have trouble following instructions. :) Actually, on the way in, I noticed a guard at the power plant was watching so I figured it'd be better to come back a little later.

"ALL ABOARD!" is at the Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park. I thought I'd have to pay for parking but I found a parking meter with 20 minutes on it. That's more than enough to find the cache and hang around the riverside walkway for a bit.

Tags: geocaching, wilmington, wilmington riverfront

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