Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Chester, Philadelphia

Sunny/Cloudy and 90°F. It was yet another in a series of days with rain in the forecast that ended up not being rainy at all. I went geocaching up along I-95 through Chester and Eddystone. Ended up at the doorstep of Philadelphia in the late afternoon. Instead of turning around, I figured I would try my luck at parking in the city and geocache my way towards Philly Chinatown for dinner. That was a good plan. My last stop was at Franklin Square, just a few blocks outside of Chinatown.

Saw some wildlife today beyond the usual geese. There was a water snake in the stream I crossed to get to "KB Cache". I watched it for a little while as it appeared to gobble up small fish in the stream. Then I saw a large mouse by the tall grass at another cache site later in the day. I thought someone's hamster had gotten loose at first but it was indeed a wild rodent. Of course, there was a bunch of cows, sheep, and dogs at "L.U.R.E. 2: A Day In The Pasture" but that menagerie was one of Philadelphia's many outdoor sculpture projects.

Tags: chester, geocaching, philadelphia
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