Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Byrnes's House

Urban Pasture 86-93°F. Overcast with chance of tornado, but before the wind picked up, I dashed out to do a few errands and find one geocache. I went to All Hale Byrnes! at the Hale-Byrnes House, not far from the mall area. That was a pretty quick cache. After that, I went to the Christiana Mall to sit down in the food court and clip coupons from the Sunday paper.

I saw a Harbor Freight coupon insert in the newspaper so that's where I went next. The last time I was at this discount hardware store, I thought it was interesting. Today, they were once again giving away LED flashlights. The last time they had this promo, they had run out of flashlights by the time I got there. This time, I got one as soon as I entered the store. It's not the only thing I got free though. I picked up a pair of work gloves because those were on sale at 50% off. However, when the cashier scanned the bar code, it rang up at the original price instead of the sale price. It would take too long to get the manager over to fix this problem so the cashier looked around the register for anything that would ring up at 99 cents. He tried scanning a lighter, a pen, and a few other things but all of those were over 99 cents. So in the end, he just gave me the gloves! Wait a minute. That didn't require manager approval? :)
Tags: christiana mall, geocaching, harbor freight, newark
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