Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster XI - Colerain, Quarryville, Willow Street

Sunny and 70-75°F. Nice weather so I took the opportunity to go geocaching in Lancaster County, the land of Amish buggies and covered bridges. This time, I approached from the southeast edge of the county and went through Colerain, Kirkwood, Quarryville, and Willow Street, to the southern part of Lancaster city. The southeast edge of Lancaster County is only about 26 miles from home so it really isn't that far away. Of course, that's the straight-line distance, so it's a bit longer by road and it feels a whole lot longer because there aren't any good highways going in that direction. (Route 41 should've been dualized a long time ago.)

More private property issues: I visited "The Ark", a geocache just outside Quarryville. It's a tricky hide but I had no trouble figuring it out but the neighbor saw me and asked what that was about. (I think it's funny that there were 18 visits prior to mine but she didn't notice. Also, this cache was actually in plain sight but apparently, she wasn't familiar enough with the structure to notice that something had been added to it.) So I told her what that was and she said the abandoned building was private property. She did in fact call the property owner to verify that permission had not been obtained. So I removed the cache and took it with me. I posted a "Needs archived" log using my cellphone and within minutes, the cache listing was archived on the geocaching website. (This kind of thing probably sets off alarm bells somewhere. :) )

Dinner was at Long John Silver's in Lancaster. I had a bit of a surprise when I got there. The cashier from the Easton LJS (Lehigh Valley) now works at the Lancaster LJS, at least for the summer. I used to go to the Easton LJS a lot so he recognized me. It was like old times again. (well, not-so-old times but it's been over 9 months since my last visit to Easton LJS) Anyway, I got the chicken and fish variety platter and he threw in an extra piece of fish. Nice of him to do that.

Tags: geocaching, lancaster county, long john silver's, private property

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