Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Newark, Elkton, and Texas Roadhouse

90°F and sunny. I'm surprised the lawn grew at all during the drought but the gradually lengthening grass finally demanded my attention. So I mowed the lawn in the early afternoon. It was rather hot weather for yard work but I did it with a short break between front yard and back yard.

After lunch, I went out for a bunch of geocaches in Newark. Then I wandered over to Elkton for a few more. I picked the ones that sounded interesting and were not too hard. "look into it" is a typical magic eye puzzle that can be decoded by software. "Aah - Delaware Geocachers" is at the Adopt A Highway sign on the road that the local geocaching group helped clean up. "Sinking Springs" is at the Historic Sinking Springs Herb Farm and Retreat. I didn't know what it was when I first went down the gravel driveway but then I saw that it's a nice garden. Lots of people had set up easels on the lawn and were painting the scenery.

Went to Texas Roadhouse in Bear in the evening. I joined their mailing list a year ago but things got in the way and I never actually went to a Texas Roadhouse until today. What I had with me was a one-year anniversary coupon from the mailing list. How does one explain using an anniversary coupon when one has never been to any Texas Roadhouse? It's a quandary of Seinfeldian proportions. Good thing the server never asked. :) The interesting thing about this restaurant is the bucket of peanuts at the table. I don't think anyone would leave hungry even if the portions were small because they could always fill up on complimentary peanuts and bread. Not that portions are small! I had fried catfish with baked beans and house salad. The two sides were included with the catfish dinner. The house salad that they call a side would be a separate menu item in most other restaurants. I also had rattlesnake bites, which was their only appetizer that sounded interesting.

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