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Sunny. 90°F and over. I did some weeding at around midday but stopped after filling one bag because the heat was getting to me. I had some banking to do. For a change of scenery, I decided to do it at the bank branch in Hockessin. What else did I do up that way? Geocaching, of course. First, I went to Going for a Walk in Delcastle Recreation Area. Somehow, I managed to stumble across a shortcut trail from a nearby county building, cutting the walk down to under 200 feet. Then I went to the bank.

After that, I went to Fud, which is roadside at the far end of Limestone Hills Park. Along the way, I was wondering why the road was wet when I hadn't seen any rain up to that point. Well, I did this cache and went off to a 3rd cache location. When I got to the parking location for that one, tthe rain caught up with me. Since that cache looked like trouble, I decided to save it for another time and go home.


What are your thoughts on "air quotes?"
Those are "fine" but should not be "overused".

If you are the sort to flip someone the bird, what were the circumstances surrounding your most recent flip? If you're not that type, have you ever, ever used that gesture?
The other party did it first.

I have a related story. I knew someone who wasn't familiar with this gesture. She was explaining three things. When she explained the first thing, she held her thumb up. Then when she explained the second thing, she held her index finger up. You know where this was heading. It was funny at the time.

What's a gesture you've made up, or what's a gesture made up by (and shared with) your friends or family?

Are there any gestures that have specific, unique meanings in your workplace?

Have you ever received an anonymous gesture of kindness or affection?
Anonymous? Not that I'm aware of.


When did you take time this week to play?
When did I not?

This past week, what would you have liked to rewind so you could experience it again?
The surprise meetup with the LJS cashier from Easton.

What happened this week to give you pause?
I witnessed an auto accident the other day. It was a simple rear-end. Since they didn't need me to testify, I didn't pause for long.

From what situation this week would you have liked to eject yourself?
The private property incident at "The Ark" geocache on Monday. Although I explained it and the situation was fine once I removed the cache, that kind of confrontation is never a pleasant experience.

In what situation this week did you cede power to someone else?
Can't recall a specific situation.

From thefridayfive:

What side dish do you like the most: potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, etc.
Baked beans.

Do you prefer food grilled on a charcoal or gas grill?
I've never tried food on a gas grill. All the BBQs so far have used charcoal grills.

Do you want just one meat item, or a mixture: such as chicken, steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.
Mix it up. Bacon too.

Do you want to eat outside or inside?
All things considered, I prefer to eat inside or at least in a shaded area.

Does it bother you to have citronella candles burning if you are eating or cooking outside?
Hardly notice those.
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