Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Paper Mill

Sunny and 85-90°F. Somewhat hotter than the day before but didn't feel that bad because of the breeze. I tackled "InRoot to Delcastle", which is in a wild area of Mill Creek Park. I admit I only went for this cache because I was curious as to how challenging the bushwhack would be. The area is overgrown with brush and gets flooded from time to time. Well surprisingly, it wasn't that bad. Although covered in vegetation, there was an old logging road and a few deer trails. The water level in the creek was very low today and the cache itself was in a rather open area.

After that, I went to Paper Mill Park and the Paper Mill Connector Trail. Now, this is a power trail. I kept my automotive GPS in my pocket and it beeped every 0.1 of a mile or so when I got close to a geocache. Beep and find, beep and find, couldn't be easier or faster. Two of the geocaches on the Paper Mill Connector were from the puzzles I worked on at home. ("PMC Lite Iscohedron" and "Engineers Puzzle") After I was done with Paper Mill Park, I crossed the busy road into White Clay Creek State Park. That's a wilder area. I crossed a field of knee-high grass into a jungle-like area with a barely-discernible trail leading to "Upscale Dam Trolls Pot of Gold". That's probably just a herd path leading to the dam, not an official trail. Official trails in that area seem to be mostly 10-foot-wide mowed paths in the field.

Tags: delaware, geocaching, paper mill park, white clay creek
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