Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Busy Day

Busy morning. Seems like all the good job leads came in at once and all shortly before Anthrocon. What I was really looking for is somewhere to use my Perl (or Python, or Ruby, if it came to that) scripting skills. I'd been doing the C and C++ gig for over 14 years and I would prefer not to go back to that if possible. I came across a few openings that fit the bill, including one that I was told allows telecommuting. So I spent all morning applying and filling out questionnaires.

In the afternoon, I went to Harbor Freight to return a faulty cell phone holder that ripped apart after only a few days. Harbor Freight has cheap stuff but quality is suspect in some of their wares. Fortunately, they have a good return policy.

Started to pack for Anthrocon in the late afternoon. My packing list is more or less the same from convention to convention, so I was done in a bit over an hour. The only last-minute items are things that I'm still using, like this netbook and toiletries. Also, there is the possibility of bringing more than two fursuits this time if I pack a bit better. Not going to bring the husky suit this time because the tail is about ready to fall off, but there was one that didn't make the cut last time that may be coming along this time.

Since the packing went so quickly, I worked on some TwitVim features this evening. I'd been holding off on adding user and list management features until after the OAuth work was done but there's no reason to delay any further. So I added commands for following, unfollowing, blocking, unblocking, reporting spam, and adding/removing from lists. Also improved the error messages for many commands so we won't have to diagnose problems by HTTP status codes any more. (r117 thru r124)
Tags: anthrocon, career, harbor freight, twitvim

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