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Garmin support, Carousel Park, Marshallton

Most of the morning was spent calling Garmin phone support on the nüvi freezing problem. There was a hold time of about half an hour. Then one fellow answered the phone and asked me to try a few things. He couldn't figure out the problem, so he transferred me to another department and I was on hold for another half hour. That's almost as bad as Verizon support! Second fellow checked the software and configuration via remote access (Good thing there wasn't anything NSFW in a browser window. :) ) but couldn't do anything either. So he sent me an RMA number and a shipping address. I packed the GPS into a box and went to the nearest post office to ship it back to Garmin. And so, now I wait.

While waiting, I could still go geocaching with the handheld GPS. After all, I used to navigate pretty well by eyeballing that tiny map on the handheld. So I went to Carousel Park in Wilmington for Not just folklore and Hang-Out. I'd been there before, so I knew where to park to get close to the first cache. Then I took a walk to the second one even though there's a closer place to park. It's only 0.3 of a mile. The second cache was supposedly difficult when the foliage is out, but I was able to see it after looking around for a bit.

Last cache of the day was Marshallton Tour. I don't usually do multi-stage caches when I'm on a cache marathon so I save these for lazy summer days. It's a fairly interesting tour of two historical sites, followed by a simple cache in the woods.


1. What's your favorite zoo animal?
I have to choose one? Well, I saw a fox in the animal pen area at Quogue Wildlife Refuge in Eastern Long Island. That's not really a zoo though. That's a place for injured wildlife to recover, but visitors can view the animals.

2. What's your favorite circus act?
Trapeze act, for the spandex.

3. When did you last attend (or participate in) a parade?
That would be the Anthrocon 2010 fursuit parade.

4. When did you last attend a sporting event?
Probably one of the baseball games, either Newark Bears or LI Ducks, where we did Mascot Day. It's been so long though. I decided to stop doing those gigs because those weren't really for charity.

5. What unique festivals does your area feature in celebration of some kind of food?
I hadn't checked so I had to Google it. There's a chicken festival, an art and seafood festival, and wine and dinosaurs. Unfortunately, I don't think the art and the dinosaurs are food. :)

From thefridayfive:

What do you love about Summer?
Long daylight to squeeze in a few more geocaches at the end of the day.

How many times you had a fun on summer?
Was this question outsourced to China?

What mostly you like to do during summer time?
Eat lots and lots of ice cream. Lie in a bathtub of ice and hopefully not be missing any kidneys.

Do you like the place where you live?
Yes. There has to be a reason why I moved here.

If you have given a chance, do you want to live in a tropical country?
I did. It was hot. (in terms of temperature)


1. Oh my goodness! You have to run out the door right now and you haven't eaten! Before dashing out, what do you grab to wolf down on your way?
Nothing. There's already food in the car.

2. What's a popular breakfast you dislike?
I don't know. I'm not too picky, unless it's a Brussels sprout omelette.

3. You're going out for breakfast anywhere you want, and someone else is treating! Where do you go and what do you order?
Old Country Buffet breakfast! Then you'll see how many eggs I can eat. Also, gravy on rice krispies.

4. What do you have when you need a simple, healthy (or healthy-ish, for those of you who just don't do healthy!) breakfast?
I suppose it'll be a selection of fruit.

5. You've been invited to a breakfast potluck. What are you most likely to bring?
Donuts from the bakery outlet. That's what I brought to the picnic geocaching event and those were finished in not much time.
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