Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster XIII - Mount Joy, Elizabethtown

Sunny. 95-100°F. The thermometer got as high as 103°F briefly. There was an "excessive heat warning" today. So I went geocaching. Well, not the usual geocaching; I picked only geocaches that were roadside or close to parking areas to avoid being out under the sun for too long. I don't think I was more than 500 feet from my car the whole day. First, I went to Salunga/Landisville. Then I doubled back a bit to East Petersburg and Lancaster for some new caches. Then I went to Mount Joy to finish the "Sunday Drive" series because those caches were all pretty much roadside. (Yes, I did the Sunday drive on a Monday. Such a rebel. :) ) After that, I hit Rheems and Elizabethtown for more geocaches. That's not far from where I geocached in Highspire/Middletown on my way back from Anthrocon, so that closes the gap.

Ran into SteelCityPA at "Par 4 the Course". Actually, I saw him at "Roots Ringer" too. I noticed that he was looking around at the cache site but he left before I could go back and ask if he was geocaching. He's pretty new to the game but is already crazy enough to go geocaching in this hot weather. :)

For dinner, I was going to go to Long John Silver's in Lancaster but I remembered that Arby's had a July 5th special so I stopped at the US-30 Arby's on the way home and had a Jr. Deluxe. Not a big sandwich but enough to keep me going until I get home.

Don't Botch It (Pennsylvania)
Spring House (Pennsylvania)
Watch out 4 Alpacas (Pennsylvania)
Roots Ringer (Pennsylvania)
Par 4 the Course (Pennsylvania)
Brie, On A Cracker (Pennsylvania)
Read All About It!!! (Pennsylvania)
This City Never Sleeps (Pennsylvania)
C. B. Watcher - The Sneaky one ? (Pennsylvania)
PLAY (Pennsylvania)
Sunday Drive - Frog Hollow (Pennsylvania)
Sunday Drive - Amish Farm View (Pennsylvania)
Sunday Drive - Burnout (Pennsylvania)
Sunday Drive - Meadow View Bridge (Pennsylvania)
Sunday Drive - In The Trees (Pennsylvania)
Sunday Drive - Sunnyside Mill (Pennsylvania)
Sunday Drive - It Must Be A Sign (Pennsylvania)
Sunday Drive - Swan Pond (Pennsylvania)
Sciurus Banquet (Pennsylvania)
(The new) Easy Cache 4 (Pennsylvania)
Easter in Bedrock (Pennsylvania)
The Highlight of Summer Visits (Pennsylvania)
Post Office Box Series #5 (Pennsylvania)
Britzska (Pennsylvania)

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