Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster XIV - L.O.S.T. event

Sunny and 100-105°F. After yesterday's adventure geocaching out in the heat, I returned to Mount Joy today for more. I didn't think the heat was that bad at first but after doing 5 geocaches in Cove Outlook Park, I really needed a break.

The actual point of today's trip was to go to the L.O.S.T. Today, Found Tomorrow? geocaching event. L.O.S.T. (Lancaster Organization for Seeking Tupperware) is a new geocaching group in Lancaster that recently started holding monthly events. I couldn't make it out to their first two events for various reasons, so I'm glad to be able to attend this one. Had a good time there. I had a tuna salad special, traded travel bugs, and got a L.O.S.T. fridge magnet door prize. Since it's my first Lancaster-area event, I didn't think I would see anyone I knew there but there was one person who I met before at a Bucks County event.

One more thing I did at this event was return The Ark, the cache I had to take with me because the neighbor pointed out that it was on private property without permission and wanted it removed. Shamrock Shaker, the cache owner, wasn't at this event but I handed it to someone who could get it to her. And so that ended my responsibility as far as that cache goes.

Overall, it was a good event. There were a bunch of special caches placed for this event and I did some of those before and some after the event. Also, the event host works at a chocolate factory so he brought a bag of chocolates to the event. Everyone kept teasing him by thanking him for the Hershey's chocolates, when he actually works for the rival, Mars Inc. (Snickers, M&Ms)

Tags: geocaching, geocaching event, lancaster county, mount joy

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