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Three geocaches before breakfast!

Well okay, not quite. I had a little something before heading out the door early this morning.

Turkey Mountain Area in the Northern portion of Harriman State Park. The cache wasn't too far from the loop parking area off US-6 and the rolling hill was easy to traverse. Good start to the morning.

Doris Duke's Birdland No. 2
Doris Duke Wildlife Area in the Northern part of the Sterling Forest. I'd been by here before but couldn't park because of the enormous snow bank. But today, the parking was easy and it was a nice walk on the Appalachian Trail. This section of the AT is rather rugged and rocky but there isn't much of an elevation change to deal with. Nice walk by the lake and on a neat wooden bridge along the way.

Indian Hill
Indian Hill section of the Sterling Forest in Southfields/Tuxedo, NY. I'd previously been here but could not retrieve the cache because it was frozen in a block of ice. Today, it was an easy walk on an old road passing by a lake. There is an abandoned house on the way that's mostly intact. Of course now that there's no snow or ice, the cache was easy to find and retrieve.
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