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Why I'm Not A Food Critic XXII - Lone Star

Rainy day today. On the one hand, the rain will save the yard from drying up completely, although the tree doesn't seem to be doing too badly. It's putting out a Summer bloom. On the other hand, it limits what I can do outside. (if I don't want to get too wet)

After taking care of some business and a few errands this afternoon, I decided to pay a visit to Lone Star Steakhouse, which is just down US-13 from home. They've been sending coupons for a while but I just hadn't bothered to go in previous months. This restaurant is not in a convenient spot along US-13 for me because it is just after the Route 273 intersection, which guarantees that I'll have to make an awkward U-turn afterwards. The restaurant wasn't busy at the time so parking was not a problem. I went in and got one of the high tables near the bar. Not sure that these tables are any different from the regular tables in the other section, except for being rather high. I noticed that there is wi-fi internet leaking in from the nearby Dutch Inn.

The server brought a bucket of roasted peanuts to the table. That's just like Texas Roadhouse! I started wondering if the peanut bucket is common to Texas-themed steakhouses but since I have a sample size of 2, I can't say for sure. Peanut allergy folks will have to avoid this steakhouse too. For actual food, I had a Bubba Burger with fries. The burger? Well, it's not Hardee's. :) It seemed to me to be a bit lacking in diameter but it has a good bunch of ingredients between the buns. Also, the seasoned steak fries were good enough to eat without ketchup.

My only concern with this restaurant is the speed of service. The restaurant was nearly empty so I had no idea why it took more than 20 minutes to prepare the burger and fries. I can't imagine how long that must take during peak hours. There's another Lone Star Steakhouse up by Wilmington so I'll try that one next time if I use the other coupon from the mailer.
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