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Lost Star

Nemours Mansion & Gardens It was a rainy morning. After the rain ended, it was a cloudy and very humid day of around 90°F. Went out for a few geocaches and errands. First stop was Mini Me at Delcastle Recreation Area. No trick there. Just one step out of the car and I saw it. Lunch Break took somewhat longer. This one is at Nemours Mansion & Gardens. The parking area for Nemours has been closed every time I checked before, so I was surprised to see it open today. This cache took a bit more looking, mostly because I didn't expect to find it in that hiding spot even though it wasn't an unusual hiding spot. Sometimes, the cache location just puts a whammy on you.

The last cache of the day was The Lost Canadian at Shellburne Park in the Brandywine area. Coordinates for this one are somewhat off but I did eventually find it after looking a bit further out from where the GPS was zeroing out. After finding the cache, I went to see the stream adjacent to the park. It's a nice area.

I was going to try the other Lone Star Steakhouse in Wilmington and use the second coupon on this month's coupon sheet but they were closed for renovation. So I came straight home after doing what I needed to do in the area. I noticed that Taco Bell in the US-202 median is also closed for renovation, or for rebuilding, rather. They tore down the restaurant and are rebuilding it from scratch. Not really a fan of the bell though. (Send me coupons! :) )
Tags: brandywine, delcastle, geocaching, lone star steakhouse, nemours, shellburne, taco bell
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