Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Exton, Chester Springs, Phoenixville, Oaks

Sunny and 90°F. It was another morning when I didn't have use of my driveway because concrete that utility workers poured the day before was still setting. No doubt yesterday's rain didn't help. Went out to Chester County for a bunch of geocaches. First, I started in Exton because there were a bunch of new geocaches there. Then I made my way over to Chester Springs and Birchrunville. Then I went 5 miles east to Phoenixville and Oaks to finish the day.

The most interesting cache of the day was "First of the 3Rs - Hankin". I like caches placed in libraries. This one is a hollowed-out book in the reference section. It even has a geocaching-themed jacket so there is no doubt that you've found it once you see it. Biggest accomplishment of the day apparently was finding "Steamtown Reject". This is a cache rated 4.5 stars for difficulty that I found in all of 3 seconds. Looking at the online logs, I see some folks have had trouble with this one. Even so, I was surprised at the difficulty rating. I would've figured it was at most 3 or 2.5 stars because it's in plain sight and at eye level.

I had a coupon for the KFC Doublicious so I made a dinner stop at the KFC / Taco Bell co-branded restaurant in Phoenixville and got one. The verdict? Well, I thought the bun was good but aside from that, there's nothing special about this chicken sandwich. It's just another heavily-promoted gimmicky offering in KFC's Chicken Sandwich of the Month Club. After the Double Down and the Doublicious though, I wonder what they'll offer next. Perhaps a bun sandwiched between two chicken patties. They could call that the Double Wrong. :)

Tags: chester county, doublicious, geocaching, kfc

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