Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Back to NJ Tour I - Carneys Point, Woodstown, Mannington, Elmer, Porchtown, Malaga

Sunny and 90-95°F. I figured there were enough new geocaches in Salem County to make it worth paying the Delaware Memorial Bridge toll, so over there I went! I actually haven't been to Woodstown in years and there's a good collection of geocaches in Woodstown and nearby Mannington. It was still early in the afternoon once I was done with those, so I continued onwards along US-40 to Elmer and Malaga for more geocaches. Saw such interesting sights as the giant cowboy at Cowtown and Fox's Shopping Center, which, in spite of the name, doesn't appear to be where foxes shop. :)

The accomplishment of the day was getting FTF on "There's a Park Too!" It wasn't because I rushed out for this cache. The cache had been sitting out there for a week but was difficult enough that 3 other geocachers who tried earlier couldn't find it. When I got into the wooded area, I saw the signs of a lot of frustrated searching. Everything within 50 feet of ground zero had been raked, poked at, split open, or moved aside. Even though it looked like every spot had been searched thoroughly already, I rechecked those anyway in case they missed something. After circling the area a couple of times, I saw something else behind a bunch of bushes that I needed to check. And that's where I found the cache! Funny thing is even that spot looked like it had been stirred up but perhaps not stirred up enough until I came along.

Finished the day by filling up with cheap gas at the travel center in Carneys Point before crossing back over the bridge for a dinner of sidewinder chicken sandwich at Lone Star Steakhouse near home. (And that finishes this month's sheet of Lone Star coupons.)

Tags: cowtown, geocaching, lone star steakhouse, new jersey, salem county

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