Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Townsend and Windy Mill

Sunny and 90-95°F. Today was essentially a Hardee's run wrapped into a geocaching trip with stops at wi-fi hotspots to get some stuff done. So the first destination was a new community park in Townsend for the first two geocaches of the day. I got FTF on "Townsend Town Park". I'm starting to see the pattern here. Everyone rushes out for new geocaches so I seem to get FTF only on those caches that are really difficult or really annoying. I have to say that this one was difficult. I wasn't sure if I could find a tiny cache stuck somewhere on the baseball bleachers but I was lucky. Then I went to Hardee's in Middletown for 1/3-lb cheeseburger and fries. This Hardee's actually has wi-fi internet but I noticed that their web filter blocks everything except (but of course) and all https sites. (probably an oversight) My guess is it's for staff access to an employee portal.

Then I headed north to Windy Mill Park in Newark for 6 geocaches. This park is divided by a stream and each side has a different trailhead. The first two caches I did there are on the easy side (basically, a well-manicured lawn all the way) of the park and the last four are on the difficult side. (weedy, overgrown nightmare) "Help Me! I'm Stuck!" was the most difficult of the bunch. The cache site was completely covered by bramble and vines. I did find this cache but only after poking at a lot of vegetation and trimming most of the Multiflora rose. That explains why most of the finds on this cache so far were not during the summer. "Don't Fall In!" was another challenging hide. It's at the edge of a steep river bank. I didn't fall into the river but the cache did, which made this one a lot tougher because then I had to fish the cache out of the water without falling in myself.

Tags: geocaching, hardee's, newark, townsend

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