Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Concord after the storm

There was a thunderstorm with heavy rain this afternoon. I was out in Talleyville / Northern Wilmington doing some banking at the time so I stuck around in that block of stores for lunch. After the rain stopped, it was actually pretty nice outside with a temperature of around 75°F. So I went north a bit to Concord Township Park for Park and Recreation Cache. This is probably one of the easier caches in town. It's in an open area in a field, which is perfect because I didn't feel like entering a soggy and dripping wooded area after the rain.

After that, I still had time for another geocache so I went for BAAAH HUMBUG!!! In contrast to the previous cache, this is probably one of the harder caches in town. It's at the Concordville Town Centre strip mall or perhaps just a bit outside the mall perimeter. No hints were given, but after reading through all the online logs and thinking about it for a while, I deduced the nature of the cache hide and where I should look for it. What's amazing about this cache is two people mentioned they rappelled down the wall to look for the cache! Fortunately, I didn't need to do that. Just needed logic and a keen eye.
Tags: arby's, chester county, concord township, geocaching

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