Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ice Cream Social

Sunny and 80-85°F. I started the day not being sure if I was going out anywhere. But I had errands to do. I finished those and then, since I was out, I went for the Ain't Got A Clue geocache, which is at a pipeline cut and old road just off a New Castle residential area. I'd been ignoring this geocache because I heard it is evil. However, when I actually went and looked for it, it wasn't really that bad. Since I used the best approach, I didn't have to cross any streams or swamps. Also, the cache is small but not tiny and it's hidden in plain sight. The only reason I didn't see it in a few seconds is I didn't think of looking in that direction at first.

After that, since I was out (oh, I see the pattern now :) ), I went to the Ice Cream Social geocaching event at Dairy Queen in Newark. It's funny that there was so much to talk about that I actually forgot to get ice cream until the event ended, at which point it was time to leave anyway. During the event, we visited a nearby (maybe 30-40 paces from the DQ patio) geocache that was set up for this event.
Tags: geocaching, geocaching event
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