Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Paoli/Malvern and Shrunken Turkey Wing Wednesday

Sunny and 85-90°F. Yes, I went to yet another geocaching event this evening. This time, it was Angry Beaver's Shrunken Turkey Wing Wednesday in Downingtown. That makes a total of 6 events for this month! I'm all evented out. :) Before the event though, I went for a few geocaches in Paoli and Malvern. Only "Airdrie Forest Hollow" had somewhat challenging terrain. The rest were pretty easy walks. I didn't see "Zoe's Cache" right away because of temporary blindness or it would've been a 3-second find.

In the evening, I headed over to Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown for the event. This time, we had two long tables reserved in the party room. I ordered the wings. The server informed me those were half price if I ordered a beer. When I told her I couldn't drink alcohol, she gave me the discount anyway without ordering the beer. Great! It was a relatively small geocaching event but I like these. What happened was the same as yesterday's event. I ended up talking to just a few people the whole evening but we covered a lot of topics.

After the event, I couldn't resist finding one more cache on the way home but it was an easy one to do at dusk. "Rambo's Cache" had nothing to do with the Stallone movie. It's the name on a plaque on the bridge.

Tags: chester county, geocaching, geocaching event, victory brewing company
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