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Jersey Shore Cache Dash

So much for the only 5 caches plan. Visited 9 of them, making my way down the Jersey Shore and finishing at Atlantic City. Am I the only one who goes to Atlantic City this much without gambling?

And yes, I made it past #1400.

Wooded area near the 'Enchanted Forest' and the PNC Bank Arts Center.

Earth Station Zebra
A walk up to some place where I don't think anyone should be snooping around. Ack!

In Manasquan. Short walk next to train tracks from a residential area.

Fisherman's Cove
Also in Manasquan. Met Faderaven at the first stage and so we teamed up for the next two stages. Nice natural area but the bay beach stinks of sewage. Yuck. Also somewhat more challenging than the terrain rating indicates because we had to look around for paths through the reeds and two of the stages involved thrashing through bramble and reeds.

"Where's the Cream Filling?"
In Brick/Point Pleasant Beach area. Cute park.

"A Little of Everything"
Island Beach State Park. Easy walk on trail but the final part along the beach and then back inland was just a bit rougher.

salt hay homestead
A section of the Bass River State Forest in Tuckerton. Long walk of 1.2 miles because I wasn't sure if my car could make it down the dirt road, which was in horrible condition. (The dirt road, not my car. Okay my car too but you get my point.) Very rough and long bushwhack at the end. Had to make a bridge to cross a deep ditch. But when I got there, the cache was easy to find. And I was the first finder.

Lifes a Beach
Brigantine. A walk on the beach and then a quick look to find the cache. I hadn't realized that the cache was in an illegal spot but someone else pointed out that you can't go over the dunes. Well, the cache is on the other side of the dunes. Ugh.

Blinded by the light!
Weird structure in Atlantic City. Looks like a lighthouse but more artistic. Supposedly, it lights up at night but I was there too early for that. Odd thing is this part of Atlantic City is considered by many to be a high-crime area. You'd think with all the casino wealth floating around, they'd do something to improve the neighborhood.

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