Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster XVII - Morgantown, SGL 52, Terre Hill, Brecknock, Fivepointville, Reamstown

Sunny and 80-85°F. Today's route was motivated by the desire to avoid roadwork on US-30 and Route 772 in Lancaster County. So, instead of going northwest, I went north up Route 10 through Honey Brook to Morgantown. Then I visited State Game Lands 52 and did about 2 miles of hiking for 4 geocaches. It's not a bad place except for one area with no clear trails, or at least none that I saw going towards the geocache. I saw an area with a fence, probably to keep wildlife from grazing the plants, but with an entrance flap in the fence. I thought that was amusing. It's like a doggy door for people.

After leaving SGL 52, I continued geocaching in the rural and small-town areas nearby, working my way towards the west through the towns of Terre Hill, Brecknock, and Fivepointville. My activity was observed by some Amish locals but they didn't say anything. I suspect they already know about the geocaches. When I was at a cache site by an overpass near Adamstown, someone yelled out "Did you find it?" as he drove by. I love how geocaches in Lancaster County are pretty much open secrets.

Dinner was fish and more at the KFC/LJS co-branded restaurant on US-30 in Lancaster. Then I took the long way around to avoid both the US-30 roadwork and the closed bridge on Route 772. (Technically, there is still roadwork on Route 41 but I haven't seen anything happening there for over a month. So we're left with a bumpy road for the summer.) This time, I knew the detour route so I was able to shortcut it a little.

Tags: geocaching, lancaster county, long john silver's

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