Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

More Pencader Heritage and DE Furbowl 18

I had to go to BJ's Wholesale today to get milk so I figured I might as well go to BJ's in Newark and swing by the Pencader Heritage 1 geocache since the two are along the same road, more or less. Pencader Heritage 1 is near the Pencader Heritage Museum. This cache is located at a bunch of information boards on Dayett Mills Road, behind the museum. Quick and easy. Actually took less time to do this cache than to get the milk, since I got distracted by other deals at BJ's.

Then I came home and did some intense yardwork: two hours of work to weed and mow the front yard. After that, I was running a bit late so I quickly got ready to go out again. Headed out to East King Buffet in Wilmington for Delaware Furbowl 18. This time, I went for dinner but didn't stay for bowling because I needed to be back home again to prepare for tomorrow's event. Nevertheless, I did have a good time in that portion of the meet.
Tags: bj's wholesale, de furbowl, east king buffet, geocaching, pencader heritage museum

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