Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Back in the Old County... Buffet

75-80°F and cloudy. Had a lot of work to do today so I didn't go out until the evening. Also, in the late afternoon, I took advantage of the cooler, cloudy weather to do some weeding. There was a lot of pokeweed (Gotta pull 'em all! :) ) but this time, I also identified some Virginia creeper, English ivy, and privet seedlings. I left the wild grape growing but I've yet to see any fruit from those vines, so I hope I identified this plant correctly.

In the evening, since I had a $3 discount, I went to Old Country Buffet in Newark, where I was able to make such dishes as Taco Monday, although I was really there for the fried seafood. The restaurant was just as I remembered it. I was surprised at how many people were there less an hour before closing and still eating after the restaurant closed! One change OCB made this year was they separated the buffet from the beverage so you have the option of buying a buffet without the beverage bar. (You can still get water, just no soda, icee, milk, or coffee.) I don't know why they did that unless it is to make the buffet appear cheaper until they tack on the additional $1.79 charge for the beverage bar that most people opt for anyway.

On the way home, I visited a Shell gas station that was having a "grand opening" even though it has been there since before I moved here. But if they're giving away free stuff, who am I to argue? :)
Tags: old country buffet, shell, yardwork

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