Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster XVIII - L.O.S.T. in Space

Cloudy and 80-85°F. I went to Lancaster today for the L.O.S.T. in Space geocaching event. This time, their monthly event was at Panera Bread on Fruitville Pike. It's nice that their event is at a different restaurant each month. This offers variety and also a chance to go geocaching in different locations.

Of course, I found a bunch of geocaches before the event. This time, I started in New Holland and worked my way through Akron, Reamstown, and Denver. I got to Panera Bread a bit late but there was still plenty of time to talk to people, exchange travel bugs, watch the raffle, and find a special event geocache near the strip mall. Just didn't have time to actually eat at Panera Bread. Oops.

After the event, there was only a bit of daylight remaining. Fortunately, the "Series That Rocks" geocaches were all doable at night so I completed that series and headed over to Long John Silver's for dinner. I had grilled salmon, one of the premium dishes at LJS. During the meal, I received a surprise coupon. Apparently, the manager wrote it for me because either the grilled salmon took longer than usual to prepare or they ran out of rice. I didn't mind the wait or the substitution, really, but it's nice of them. It shows that they want my repeat business.

The Cardinal's Container (Pennsylvania)
Pitch, Putt, and Cache (Pennsylvania)
For you? One Dollar... (Pennsylvania)
On the Eighth Day of Christmas ... (Pennsylvania)
A Road Less Traveled (Pennsylvania)
joes trackable shack (Pennsylvania)
The Amish Inn (Pennsylvania)
SEPTEMBER 11th 1777 (Pennsylvania)
Right in Reamstown (Pennsylvania)
Broken and Twisted (Pennsylvania)
Almost Denver, Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania)
The First BM (Pennsylvania)
L.O.S.T. in Space (Pennsylvania)
Bacon Turkey Bravo (Pennsylvania)
The Series That Rocks 3 (Pennsylvania)
The Series That Rocks 2 (Pennsylvania)
The Series That Rocks 1 (Pennsylvania)
The Series That Rocks 4 (Pennsylvania)
The Series That Rocks 5 (Pennsylvania)

Tags: geocaching, geocaching event, lancaster county, long john silver's, panera bread

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