Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Exton, Uwchlan, and Surroundin9 the Castle

Sunny and 85-95°F. Today is yet another day where the predicted thunderstorm didn't materialize. So I went to Exton and Uwchlan to tackle the "Surroundin9 the Castle" series and a few other geocaches. I saved the challenge for last today. "Paradise Lost 2" had not been found since the cache owner relocated it in March. GPS pointed to a spot next to the trail but I saw the cache after expanding my search to about 60-70 feet.

After that, I went to Old Country Buffet in Downingtown to use the 3rd of 5 coupons they sent. I didn't overeat (by my standards anyway) this time because I got there a mere 24 minutes before closing time and only had time to get two rounds of food, and dessert and drinks before they put away the food. So I got an East meets West mix of foods, a fried fish salad, ice cream in a taco shell, and a 3-color Icee.

Tags: chester county, geocaching, old country buffet

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