Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

King of Prussia to Philadelphia

Sunny and 90-95°F, although much cooler in the evening. On this trip, I started with a geocache in King of Prussia and proceeded through Wayne, Radnor, Villanova, Gladwyne, Manayunk, and Roxborough.

I found "Main Continental Army" and was going back to where I parked when I noticed someone standing by the monument, looking at the GPS app on his phone. He told me it was the first geocache he was trying to find. Boy, he sure didn't pick a simple one to start with. I needed to explain that this is a mystery cache and he had to calculate part of the coordinates using information from the monument. (He'd been searching the area around the monument.) Geocaching activity has developed to such an extent that there is now a standard repertoire of techniques, tricks, and also pitfalls to watch out for. As I saw today, someone who's new to the game may not grasp all its subtleties right away.

The most challenging cache of the day was "Only Half Extreme". This one is on a rusty iron structure next to a bike path. This cache is halfway up the structure so some climbing is required. Actually, climbing wasn't an issue here. The real problem was the structure was overgrown with prickly vines. Fortunately, I had all the tools I needed in the car because you never know when you have to do some gardening! I cut all the vines I could reach and pulled as many of the vines down from above as I could. Once I cleared away enough vines, it was a quick climb up on the rungs to get the cache.

Sunset arrived but I still had a few hours to kill before the free parking period in Philly Chinatown. I knew the Manayunk/Roxborough area had some geocaches that could be done at night so I drove around the narrow streets there and looked for caches in the dark. Remarkably, I was 100% successful there. When it got late enough, I headed over to Chinatown, which was only 6 miles away from Manayunk. This time, I had Thai basil noodles at Banana Leaf. The consensus among Yelp reviewers is that this is the spiciest dish on the menu. Yes, it was indeed hot but not intolerably so.

Tags: banana leaf, delaware county, geocaching, montgomery county, philadelphia, philly chinatown

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