Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Not Exton Day - Glasgow, Newark, Elkton

Sunny, 90-95°F. Had some errands to do but finished those early in the afternoon so there was time for some geocaching. My choices were 3 new geocaches in Exton/Uwchlan or 5 challenging (so I heard or thought) geocaches in this area. I figured I might as well try the hard ones since I'd go for those sooner or later anyway.

In reality though, none of those were as difficult as I thought. Although "Surprise Ending!" is a 4-stage multicache, the only long part was the walk to the first stage. The other stages are very close to the first one. That was also my last unfound cache in Glasgow Park so I've now done all 16 caches in this park! Just wait; someone will put another one there and ruin my perfect record. :)

"YALEDO-REMEEDER" is in a wooded area with no trails but it isn't as swampy as I thought. It's dry with not much undergrowth, making for an easier walk than most wooded areas. "It's a jungle out there" is in a thorny thicket but at least a few people have stomped their way through there this summer and I took care of the rest of the thorn branches with scissors.

"Little Cache in Little Egypt" -- saw this one quickly even though it is rated 3 stars and tiny, so there's not much to say. "True Blue Spirit" -- again, not that difficult despite the 3-star rating, but the location is blue and chicken-like.

Tags: geocaching, glasgow, newark

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