Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Odessa Odyssey

Sunny. 95-100°F. Hot and humid. Towards the evening, it was not only hot and humid, but also steamy. Anyway, it was just a day for a few minor errands. I did get a geocache while I was out though: Odessa Memorial Park at Odessa Memorial Park (of course!) in Odessa. This was a relatively quick geocache, although I wonder why no one mentioned that it was placed mere inches away from poison ivy. On the way home, I was finally able to get a free hot dog from the Shell gas station grand opening. I was there a few days ago, but they had run out of hot dogs. The gas station clerk threw in an extra sausage for good measure.

Worked on some software problems the rest of the day. There's some Tcl and Vim weirdness that I should figure out before releasing the next minor point release of TwitVim.
Tags: geocaching, odessa, shell gas station
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