Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

A late Friday Five

1. What's your favorite playing card game? Why?
Fluxx or Uno because card games with many players are fun.

2. Poker: five card draw, seven card stud, or Texas Hold 'Em?
What? :)

3. Where gambling is involved what is the highest amount of money you'd bet on a hand of cards?
Maybe a dollar.

4. Have you ever had your tarot read with playing cards? If not would you want to? If so was it accurate, interesting, or just plain lame?
No. No. n/a

5. What is on the back of your playing cards (the swirly red/blue design or is it a specialty deck with photographs)?
I have no idea where I put my playing cards. I'm pretty sure it's a generic design. I had some airline playing cards back in the old country.
Tags: friday five
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