Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Auto Service, Chadds Ford, West Chester, and the 4.5 challenge

Cloudy and 80-85°F. Auto service this morning. Odometer was at 138,598 miles. There was a significant amount of work to be done on the car, but time went by pretty quickly because I brought some work to do over their wi-fi internet.

After some grocery shopping and a leisurely lunch, I headed out to Chadds Ford for one geocache and then to the Brandywine River area in West Chester for 3 more. The last 3 were more challenging than the first one. I noticed that the 4th cache of the day would be my 13,000th find so I decided to tackle something really challenging. I picked "Cache Can in the Briar". It's rated 4.5 stars for terrain! When I got there, I saw why. Basically, you can pick one of two ways to get there: through the swamp or through the tall weeds/bramble and then through the swamp. It is hardcore. I took the swamp route to the cache site. Fortunately, the water never got deeper than one foot so wading through that wasn't so bad. Also, I never sank into the mud because the mat of reeds held up pretty well. After crossing the swamp and picking my way through the last bit of thorny brush, I saw the cache. It's huge! It's a 55-gallon drum sitting next to a tree. The log book is huge too. It's probably the first log book that I could sign with marker and not feel like I was taking up too much room.

I decided not to go back the long way through the swamp since it was starting to rain. Instead, I took a shortcut through the brush. I wouldn't say that was easy but it's a shorter way out of the wilderness. Then I went home to do the laundry and get the swamp dirt out of my pants and socks.

Tags: auto service, chadds ford, geocaching, milestone finds, west chester
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