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Attack of the killer large dark green vest

Dental appointment this evening. No cavities once again. Also, the Colgate Spinbrush cleans a lot better than a regular toothbrush, or so the oral hygienist informs me. This will be the first claim I make under the new dental plan. Hope they'll pay.

After that, I went to the Salvation Army store in Paramus. Funny thing is when I was done shopping, I noticed that there was a bit of snow on the car. Where did that come from? Was there a ten-minute snowfall? Anyway, I was looking for something with which I could dress a fursuit. Found a butt-ugly dark green vest. Sadly, that was the only item of clothing that seemed big enough. It's hard enough to shop when 90% of the available clothing is already too small for me. Now try finding something that's big enough to go over something else that I'm wearing. Yeah, a problem.

And oh... also took a gander at the adult store further South on Route 17. Actually, it looks like a pretty classy establishment, complete with a carving of a black lab at the front door. How odd. And now and then, a well-dressed man will run into or out of the store. Is it so bad to be seen in the vicinity of an adult store that you'd want to minimize the time spent traversing the parking area? :)
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