Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster XXII - Paradise

Sunny, 95-100°F. Headed up Route 41 towards Lancaster as usual but got side-tracked by a few geocaches in western Chester County. So I made stops at West Marlborough, Doe Run, and Embreeville. I knew I'd get to those geocaches eventually but they were never on the way to anything in a typical Chester County run. Then I got back on track and took the freshly-repaved US-30 (after a whole summer of road construction!) to Paradise Township.

"Daylight Dutch Treat" is an Amish-related puzzle cache for which I hadn't prepared the answers. Fortunately, I knew most of it and the rest was easily settled with a few quick cell phone web searches. The final coordinates were behind a tourist trap country kitsch store. It was a rather hot day, so after finding the cache, I did the tourist thing and took a look around. I also visited more country kitsch and pie stores along US-30 in Ronks, the next town over from Paradise. The only conclusion I arrived at was I could use less country kitsch and more pies. The co-branded KFC/LJS in Lancaster seems to like that kind of thing though.

After I was done being a tourist, I continued onwards to Lancaster City and got a few more geocaches. There was a pretty bad accident on the Route 23 overpass (over US-30 Lancaster bypass). A car was smashed against a guardrail and pinned by a van. The van was facing the opposite direction so I had no idea how that could've happened unless the van jumped the divider. It happened between "Here's My Heart" and "Goat Path". The first time I used that intersection, it hadn't happened yet. Then I did "Here's My Heart" and saw it when I crossed the intersection on my way to "Goat Path". Then I used that intersection again on my way to downtown Lancaster and this time, the police were there writing accident reports.

Tags: chester county, geocaching, kfc, lancaster county, long john silver's

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