Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster XXIII - Mountville, Columbia, Marietta

Sunny and 75-80°F. This was an unplanned trip to Lancaster. I originally wanted to go to Exton but I had an errand to do first. I went to the Polly Drummond yard waste site to drop off the bags of weeds. After I did that, I checked the GPS and discovered that I was already far enough to the northwest that going to Lancaster would not take much more time than going to Exton/Uwchlan. So why not go to the nicer locale?

So I went to Millersville and Mountville to finish up the geocaches I didn't get to on my previous trip to that area. There was apparently quite a lot of geocaching activity in that area because of the Labor Day weekend but I didn't run into anyone else at the cache sites. After that, I went to Columbia and that's where Lancaster County ended, so I headed northwards from there to get some geocaches in Marietta and Maytown. That was about it for the day and not bad considering I only started out in the afternoon.

The trip home was the most trouble-free drive back from Lancaster in a while. All road construction has stopped for the Labor Day weekend so there weren't any traffic delays.

Tags: geocaching, lancaster county

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