Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Labor Day

Sunny, 80-85°F. There was one thing I needed to get and the likely best place to get it was midway between home and the Ridgewood Glenn geocache in Newark, so I figured I might as well go for that geocache and do the shopping on the way back. This was pretty easy, in spite of the initial steep slope and the no-trail bushwhack. After that, I also went for Special Cache for WhiteClayLover, since it was only 0.6 mi away. Here's the funny thing though: That 0.6 of a mile is as the crow flies. To get there, I needed to drive over 2 miles to a different parking area and hike about half a mile to the cache site. It would've been faster if I could just walk the 0.6 mi straight line distance!

On the way back, I noticed that Cici's Pizza in Newark, which went out of business back in March, has reopened under new management! Also, the price of an adult buffet has gone down to $5.49 from $5.99 previously. I ought to give them a try but I think I'll save it for dinner after a 4-mile hike somewhere, when I know I can really eat.

So I didn't eat at Cici's today but I remembered that I had a $10 reward on my Don Pablo's club card, so I visited their Newark location and had a cinco combo. I was surprised that the only thing I needed to get this $10 bonus was to have been a member for one year. I'm not sure that this is very profitable because I've only been going to Don Pablo's for all-you-can-eat Taco Tuesday and not even that regularly.
Tags: cici's pizza, don pablo's, geocaching, newark

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