Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Grand Nano

Sunny, 90-95°F. There were a bunch of new geocaches scattered around the local area so I did those today. A few were right in town. I also went to Newark, Elkton, Middletown, and Townsend. I don't think any of those were too tricky but I did spend a bit too long on a wrong idea of the cache hide at "Unfinished Business". Since I was in Middletown, I stopped at Hardee's for a late lunch of chicken tenders.

Once I was done with all the new caches, I headed into downtown Wilmington to try an old one, "Grand Nano". This has been a frustrating geocache because the last few times I tried going for it, the area has been too busy, or patrolled by police, or completely out of parking spaces. This evening, I apparently got there at just the right time when the sidewalk was nearly deserted. It still took me a little while to find the caches (Yes, there were two there: the original cache and a replacement cache that the cache owner added because he thought the first one got lost!) but I did it, finally.

My last stop on the way home was at Lowe's to get grass seed. I figured I would attempt to grow some decent grass on the bare spots left by the utility workers after the gas line dig and refill. If this works, I'll get more for other parts of the yard that aren't in the best shape.

Tags: geocaching, lowe's, new castle county, yardwork
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