Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Picnic on the Brandywine and Del's Birthday

Rainy, 65°F. Tried to go to two events today even though I was only planning for one. I was late to "Picnic On the Brandywine" at Brandywine Picnic Park in West Chester. Almost everyone had already left by then but I still got to talk to Mr. Picnic for a little while. As for the actual geocaching in Chester County, I went to Kennett Square for "It's fun to stay at the..." This was more of a challenge in navigation because some of the streets had been blocked off for the mushroom festival. Once I was able to detour out of that town, I also got "Pony Express". And then I visited the "Serfs" and "Surroundin9 the Castle" caches in Uwchlan.

In the evening, I went to Delphanaeous's birthday dinner at Red Lobster in West Chester. I'd only been to Red Lobster once before in my life and that was over a decade ago, so this visit might as well be a new experience. My initial impression wasn't great, unfortunately. Red Lobster doesn't take reservations so we had to request a table when we got there. Then they made us wait nearly two hours to get a table for 10. Once we were seated, I ordered the endless shrimp. Between the starter dish and 3 shrimp refills, I tried all 5 shrimp choices in their endless shrimp menu. All those were pretty good, although I can see that the "endless shrimp" is designed to limit one's shrimp consumption. How so? Well, it takes a while for them to prepare the shrimp dishes and after the starter dish, you get only a small portion per refill, maybe 10 shrimp. Also, they start you off with the salad, which takes care of most lightweight appetites. However, "endless shrimp" is still the most intriguing choice on the Red Lobster menu because you aren't paying much more for this than the average price of the other non-endless menu items.

Anyway, it was a nice day out on Sunday, despite the rain, and a welcome break before the busy week ahead. Also, thank goodness for the rain so I didn't have to water the grass seed patch today.

Tags: chester county, furmeet, geocaching, geocaching event, red lobster

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