Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Wayne and environs

Sunny, 80-85°F. I had an interview in Wayne, so I wore a pair of non-muddy pants (I assumed, of course, that the work did not involve wading across creeks :) ) and went there this afternoon. I don't think I interview very well, usually, but this one was mostly informational and paperwork.

After that, it still wasn't terribly late in the afternoon. So I went geocaching nearby. I did only a few geocaches but each one was in a different town: King of Prussia, Devon, Tredyffrin, Paoli. There was one cache that I skipped because it's up a tree and I noticed that the lowest branch bent a bit too much when I climbed up on it. Maybe I'll bring a ladder.

In the evening, I used the Red Robin birthday coupon. I went to RR in Wilmington (Brandywine Town Center) and had a Mt. Olympus burger. I don't go to RR very often so I haven't had the same burger twice yet and this one is an interesting new addition to the menu. Service was very good and the server brought several refills of bottomless fries and bottomless iced tea as I worked on the netbook using the restaurant's wi-fi internet. In fact, I've never had anything but an above-average experience on each RR visit, yet I'm there only twice a year. That's the problem with pricing burgers over $9 so I have to wait for discounts on the mailing list. Finally, on an unrelated note, I noticed their questionable taste in framed pictures. :)

Tags: chester county, geocaching, interview, job search, red robin
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