Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Paoli Hospital Fursuit Gig

Sunny, 75-80°F. I went to Paoli Memorial Hospital this afternoon to participate in a fursuit gig organized by snow_kitty. The hospital was having a special event to unveil their new logo and requested a few fursuiters to appear. It was a pretty short gig in the hospital courtyard. We rehearsed. Then they gave a few speeches. And finally, we came out onto the courtyard dancing to "Staying Alive". Hung around a bit afterwards for photos and that was it. Short and sweet, but not bad for the group's first time at this hospital. Hopefully, this will lead to more hospital gigs.

After that, we went to On The Border in Exton. I got a "create your own combo" and had ground beef taco, chicken enchilada, and beef empanada. While I was eating, the server brought me a second empanada because the first one was deficient in some way? I love getting extra food. :) At the end of the meal, I ordered a brownie sundae because I had a birthday coupon for a free one of those. Then the server told me I'd be getting one anyway because birthday folks get free brownie sundaes at that restaurant, which means a second brownie sundae! (Again with the extra food! :) ) I gave the second one to kitt3ns.

And finally... some geocaching, of course! I only planned on doing an easy one that's within a mile of the restaurant but somehow ended up adding two more geocaches after that since I had time and those sounded intriguingly challenging. "FNP#2: Pine Creek" turned out to be the bigger challenge of the two. I got to a point where I was within feet of the cache horizontally but 10 feet above it vertically and it wasn't safe to jump. So I had to go a bit further to find a better place to climb down the wall.

Tags: chester county, fursuit, geocaching, mascot gig, on the border, paoli hospital

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