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Weird WG

Went out for lunch and... why is it snowing? And not just grainy bits of snow either but big flakes. Thankfully, there was no snow accumulation on the roads. But wasn't it just last week or the week before when the weather was almost summer-like? Now we're back in the 30s but it'll warm up to the 60s again closer to the weekend. It's roller coaster weather!

60,000 bills on my next refresh. Speaking of Where's George, if the following bill reports aren't April Fool's jokes, they're pretty unusual.
The first hitter, Izzy, marked it with the 27th letter, whatever that is, and then did the weird thing with the asterisks. And yes, 27 is 3x3x3. :) And then we discover that Izzy paid $27 to someone else. So has Izzy marked each of the 27 bills with a letter of the alphabet? What's the 27th letter anyway? Is it the long S? Freaky.
This bill was hit three times in Dallas, in the same zip code. Each hit was on the first of the month. Coincidence? Weird.
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