Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Birthday that was - Denny's, DE Furbowl XX

First stop of the day was to Denny's to get my free birthday Grand Slam. In the "Build Your Own Grand Slam" menu item, you get to pick four items from their list of breakfast foods. I got pancakes, eggs, bacon, and whole wheat toast. It was a leisurely affair. I didn't get there really early to begin with, so "breakfast" ended at 1pm.

After that, I went for some geocaches that were not too far away. "Child's Play" is an old cache in the Claymont area that I'd been meaning to do for a while but never bothered to take the exit off of I-495 until this afternoon. The other 3 geocaches are recently-placed ones. "Dude Man Yo's #1" is in a weird location at the door of a converted warehouse building. I suspect the cache owner either works at or has some connection with the design studio whose door that is.

In the afternoon, I discovered that the grass seed patch closer to my back door had germinated into tiny blades of grass that stood straight up. Really cute. No idea what's happening to the other patch though. I guess it's easier to grow grass in the shaded area because that part of the yard doesn't get quite as dry. Also did some weeding since I was out there looking. Yes, I know. Doing work on my birthday...

In the evening, I went to Delaware Furbowl XX. It was the same itinerary as the previous DE Furbowl: dinner at East King Buffet followed by bowling at AMF Price Lanes. This time, I wasted no time getting what I wanted, hence sushi and ice cream on the same plate! (I added peanuts and an egg custard for nutrition. :) ) At the bowling portion of the event, I wore the Kinzer coyote fursuit. Still not so good at bowling but I did get two strikes, one spare, and a bunch of 7s and 8s.

Tags: amf price lanes, de furbowl, denny's, east king buffet, fursuiting, geocaching, grass, yardwork

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